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Common Faults and Solutions of Ball Mill

Ball mill is currently widely used mineral processing equipment, and there will be some common faults during use. In order to avoid economic losses to users, while analyzing the causes of failures, Nile Machinery also provides better solutions about sand ball mill for users' reference.

1. The running sound of the ball milling is dull, the reading of the ammeter drops, and the output is small.
Reasons: too much filling material and large particle size, the high water content of the material causes grate blockage, improper filling of the grinding body or imbalance due to channeling and unreasonable length of each bin, etc.
Solutions: reduce the filling material and feeding size of high energy ball milling, reduce the moisture of the material, and clean the grate and adjust the proportion of grinding body and the length of each bin.

2. The bearing of the planeteary ball mill is overheated and the motor is overloaded.
Reasons: lubricating oil is interrupted or the amount of lubricating oil is insufficient, the bearing or coupling is not properly installed, the gap between the journal and the bearing bush is too large or too small to cause poor contact and the oil groove is damaged, resulting in the oil can not flow into the journal or bearing bush, etc.
Solutions: stop the high efficient ball milling to find out the cause. Check whether the lubrication is in place, correctly install the bearing or coupling, adjust the clearance between the journal and the bearing bush and check the oil groove in time.

3.The reducer bearing heats up and the running sound is abnormal.
Reasons: The exhaust hole of the reducer is blocked; the balance wheel and the intermediate wheel of the reducer are not installed according to the specified meshing teeth.
Solutions: Check the temperature of the reducer bearing and dredge the exhaust hole and the balance wheel and the intermediate wheel are installed according to the specified meshing teeth.

4. After starting the motor with reducer, vibration occurs.
Reasons: The gap between the two wheels of the coupling is too small to compensate for the displacement caused by its own magnetic center when the motor starts, the transmission coupling of the reducer, motor, and driveshaft does not maintain high coaxiality, resulting in the two shafts are not concentric, the connecting bolts of the coupling are not tightened symmetrically, and the tightening force is different, the outer ring of the bearing is not fixed well.
Solutions: adjust the clearance between the wheels according to the regulations to make the two shafts concentric, symmetrically tighten the connecting bolts of the coupling with the same torque, when the rotor is unbalanced, pull out the rotor of the economy ball mill to find the balance point again.

5. Ball grinding mill vibration and abnormal axial movement
Reasons: the small ball mill installation is uneven due to the local subsidence of the bottom foundation ground, the foundation bottom is eroded due to oil leakage and the bottom bolts are loose.
Solutions: shut down the machine, add the pad to adjust the sinking position to make the ground level at the bottom of the machine, destroy the two grouting layers eroded by the oil, and re-bury the anchor bolts, then adjust the ball mill grinder, and tighten the anchor bolts.

6.Partial wear of the cylinder.
Reasons: the liner is not installed in dislocation, the lining plate continues to operate after falling off and there is material erosion between the lining plate and the cylinder.
Solutions: stagger the lining plate to rotate, repair, or replace the lining board so that the lining board fits tightly with the cylinder.

7. The ball mill machine cannot be started or the motor is overloaded when starting.
Reasons: there are problems in the motor system, there are obstacles in the rotating part, the materials and grinding medium in the continuous ball mill are not removed in time after a long time of shutdown, which makes the wet materials condense into agglomerates. When the machine starts, the grinding body does not fall off, which increases the load of the motor.
Solutions: check and repair the motor system, clean up the obstacles in the rotating part, clean up the materials and grinding bodies in the dry ball mill, remove the agglomerated materials and some abrasives, and stir and mix the remaining materials and abrasives.

8. The oil pressure of the lubrication system is too high or too low.
Reasons: oil pipes are blocked or leaking, insufficient oil supply and oil pump problems.
Solutions: check whether the oil pipe is blocked or leaking, and repair or replace the oil pipe in time, replenish the oil supply regularly, check whether the oil pump enters the air or leaks, and deal with it in time.

The above are the common faults and solutions of ball mill equipments in operation summarized by Nile Machinery. Users can find the corresponding treatment method according to the cause of the failure so that the damaged parts of the ball mill can be repaired in time and run normally, so as to ensure smooth production and reduce the loss.

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