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Filter bag
  • Filter bag

Filter bag

Applicable equipment:
Dust collector

Main materials:
Polyester Needle felt, PTFE, PPS, Acrylic, Fluomez, Metas, etc. 

Filter profile: 
Filter bag is the main part in the working process of bag dust collector, and the cylindrical filter bag is usually suspended vertically in the dust collector. There are many kinds of materials for filter bag. Customers can choose different material filter bags according to their own needs.

Performance features:
1)Pocket opening with elastic ring and saddle row pad (non-rubber ring), so as to avoid the rubber ring aging under high temperature, resulting in the filter fall off.
2)To ensure the close connection between the filter mouth and the plate, adopts dislocation treatment in the suture, and to avoid the leakage of dust from the plate.
3)The stitch distance of the filter was 25 ±1, the filter did not have the phenomenon of falling and floating line, and the comprehensive strength of the filter suture was more than 1000N.


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