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Gold dressing agent

Gold dressing agent

  • Usage amount : generally 0.1-0.5kg/t
  • Leaching rate : about 95%

Scope of Application: 
Non-cyanide gold leaching agent (also can be called Non-cyanide gold dressing agent or Non-cyanide gold dissolving agent) is mainly applicable to heap leaching, tank leaching, and carbon paste (agitation leaching) processes of fine grind gold and silver ore. 

Production Usage:
According to the ore properties, grade, through the test to determine the optimal dosage (generally 0.1~0.5kg (dressing agent) per g/t). 
Total apply amount = Total ore amount(ton) * Grade * Apply amount per g/t

Higher Recycle Rate
The highest leaching rate of raw ore: 99.6%, cyanide residue will be able to leach another 30-78%. (China Minghai gold mine)

Less Leaching Time
Heap leaching method save 50% than traditional time. (China Xishuigou Gold Mine )
Tank leaching method save 29% than traditional time. (China Guigang Gold Mine Case)
Carbon paste method leaching time could be as low as 6 hours. ( Vietnam Laizhou Gold Mine)

Dissolve Gold Faster
Solubilize gold 15-63% within 2 Hours.(China Danzhai Gold Mine)

Transporting to Uganda

Customer case gold processing in Kenya

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