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Pulp thickener

Pulp thickener

  • Transmission form : Centre drive
  • Diameter(m) : 3.6
Pulp thickener is suitable for occasions with large processing capacity and low product concentration. It is mainly used for the concentration of concentrates and dewatering of tailings in ore dressing plants.
Working principle
The high-efficiency pulp thickener is mainly composed of a circular thickening tank and a rake mud scraper. The solid particles suspended in the slurry in the thickening tank settle under the action of gravity, and the upper part becomes clarified water, so that the solid and liquid can be separated and deposited on The slime at the bottom of the concentration tank is continuously scraped and collected by the rake scraper to the central ore outlet at the bottom of the tank, and the clarified water overflows from the upper edge of the concentration tank.

Technical Data

Main Technical Parameters
Pulp thickener
Model Transmission form Concentration tank Capacity(t/d) Motor Weight(kg)
Diameter(m) Depth(m) Power(kw)
NZS-1 Centre drive 1.8 1.8 5.6 1.1 1300
NZS-3 Centre drive 3.6 1.8 22.4 1.1 2975
NZS-6 Centre drive 6 3 62 3 8700
NZS-9 Centre drive 9 3 140 3 16682
NZS-12 Centre drive 12 3.5 250 3 33131
NG-15 Rollers 15 3.5 390 5.5 9120
NG-18 Rollers 18 3.5 560 5.5 10000
NG-24 Rollers 24 3.7 1000 7.5 24000
NG-30 Rollers 30 3.6 1570 7.5 26420
NT-15 Rack gear 15 3.5 390 5.5 1100
NT-18 Rack gear 18 3.5 560 5.5 12120
NT-24 Rack gear 24 3.7 1000 7.5 28270
NT-30 Rack gear 30 3.6 1570 7.5 30888
NT-45 Rack gear 45 5.1 2400 11 58640
NT-50 Rack gear 50 4.5 3000 11 65920
NT-53 Rack gear 53 5.1 3400 11 69410


There is a degassing tank in the high-efficiency thickener equipment, which can eliminate the solid particles from adhering to the air bubbles and settle like a "parachute";
Its feeding pipe is designed under the liquid surface to prevent gas from being brought in during the feeding;
The ore sleeve is moved down, and a receiving tray is provided to drop the fed ore slurry evenly and smoothly, effectively preventing the phenomenon of overturning caused by the residual pressure of the ore;
Add an internal overflow weir to make the material flow according to regulations, prevent the phenomenon of "short circuit", and greatly increase the sedimentation area;
The overflow weir of the high-efficiency thickener was changed to a zigzag shape to improve the local suction phenomenon caused by the unevenness of the overflow weir;
The design of the external overflow weir increases the settlement area and is not easy to block materials;
Inclined feeding to eliminate feed blocking problems;
A slow flow device is provided to slow down the rising speed of the material water flow, so that the overflow water is more uniform and the turbidity is lower.

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