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Analytical electrolysis machine

Analytical electrolysis machine

  • Capacity(kg/batch) : 500
  • Temperature(℃) : 100±5
Product description
Analytical electrolysis equipment is a set of gold ore beneficiation equipment that obtains gold mud from gold-laden carbon through desorption and electrolysis under normal temperature and pressure conditions. This equipment can well desorb the gold-laden carbon produced by the gold mine coal pulp plant and heap leach plant.
Working principle
In the desorption electrolytic system, an anion that is easily adsorbed by activated carbon is added to the desorption system, thereby replacing Au (CN) 2- to realize the desorption of gold. The noble liquid obtained by desorbing gold-supported carbon is recovered by ionization to obtain solid gold.
The efficient and low-consumption fast desorption electrolysis device is mainly composed of two parts, desorption and electrolysis. The desorption and electrolysis processes are separated, and the solvent is carried out in a comprehensive desorption tower. The expensive liquid electrolysis is completed in a separate electrolytic cell. The four steps of heating the precious liquid, condensing the solvent, and recovering the solvent are concentrated in the integrated desorption tower, and the precious liquid obtained after desorbing the gold with the solvent vapor is introduced into the electrolytic tank independently set through the pipeline for electrolysis to obtain crude gold. After purification, the finished gold is obtained.

Technical Data

Technical parameters
Process Capacity of Gold Carbon
Operate Pressure Temperature
Grade of Lean Carbon
150 0.2±0.1 100±5 34.4 <500
300 0.2±0.1 100±5 34.4 <500
500 0.2±0.1 100±5 66 <500
750 0.2±0.1 100±5 66 <500
1000 0.2±0.1 100±5 89 <500
1500 0.2±0.1 100±5 89 <500
2000 0.2±0.1 100±5 99.5 <500
3000 0.2±0.1 100±5 99.5 <500


1.High desorption rate
2. Large processing capacity and low production cost
3.Cyanide-free desorption
4. Lean carbon does not require fire-based thermal regeneration.
5. The non-destructive automatic conveying of charcoal does not produce powdered charcoal during the charcoal transportation process, and does not cause carbon loss and gold loss.
6. Work in a cyanide-free environment with a good working environment.

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