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Ultrafine Mill

Ultrafine Mill

  • Capacity (Kg/h) : 900-6500
  • Overall size(m) : 14.5×4.5×8.6
  • It mainly is suitable for, the low degree of hardness, the mohs' scale is not bigger than 7 level non-flammable explosive brittle material...
Main Application
HGM100 Ultrafine mill is a machine for producing fineness and ultra-powder .It mainly is suitable for, the low degree of hardness, the mohs' scale is not bigger than 7 level non-flammable explosive brittle material, like calcite, chalk, limestone, dolomite, kleit, bentonite, talc, mica, magnesite, illite, leaf agalmatolite, vermiculite, sepiolite, concave-convex good stone, rectorite, diatomaceous earth, barite, gypsum, alunite, graphite, fluorspar, rock phosphate, potassium ore, pumice and so on 100 many kinds of materials.

Main structure & Working principle

Whole structure of HGM100 Ultrafine Mill(see figure 1): hammer crusher, bucket conveyer, hopper, spiral feeder, main unit, frequency conversion classifier, isolation booth、 cyclone collector device, impulse dust cleaner. It can be equipped automatically according to different requirement, such as the jaw crushing system (JAW crusher).

The main unit consists of decelerator, crushing system, classifier system (see figure 2)

When work, the bulk material becomes the finely ground particles after the hammer type breaker to send in the Chu bunker stave by the elevator, again passes through the spiral feeding engine and the inclined inlet pipe, delivers evenly the material the turntable middle, the main engine electric motor through the reduction gear impetus main axle and turntable revolving, the turntable edge roller sells leads several dozens link rollers in to rub in the link roller conveyer to roll and to revolve.

The material disperses under the centrifugal force function to the circumference nearby, and falls rubs the link in the roller conveyer to surround the roller ramming, rolls the milling, the attrition crushes, the material falls after the first smashing second and third, through the high-pressured gentrifugalism air blower pavement pumping the surrounding air inspiration within the aircraft, after and will pass through the third smashing the material to lead elects the powder within the aircraft.

Chooses the powder machine internal rotation the worm gear to cause the thick material to recede the grind, the fine dust enters the tornado collection dusting equipment and along with the air current discharges by its lower part discharge valve is the end product, but has the few thin dust air current then purifies after the pulse dust remover discharges through the air blower and the silencer.

Wearing parts list
In order to make the buyer using the equipment conveniently, we enclose the mainframe wearing parts as below for your reference. Please refer the description for other wearing parts.

Non-Standard wearing parts
No. Item QTY Material Installationsite
1 Roller 21 Wear-resisting 
Alloy Steel
interlayer of the turntable
2 grinding ring 1 Wear-resisting 
Alloy Steel
inner layer of the 
main unit center
3 Shaft pin 7 Wear-resisting 
Alloy Steel
Turntable circle
4 Upper dispersing
 materials plate
1 Cast steel Above the turntable
5 Turntable 1 Cast steel Inside of the mill chamber
6 Cap nut 1 Cast steel spindle nose
7 Coupled axle-pin 10 PA  
8 Sealing ring 2 PTFE Underneath of the 
powder concentrator

Technical Data

HGM80 HGM100 HGM125
Number of grinding rollers Unit 21 27 40-44
Number of grinding rings
3 3 4
Average working diameter mm 800 1035 1300
Feed granularity
mm ≤10 ≤10 ≤20
Fineness of finished product
μ m / order
47-5/325-2500 47-5/325-2500 47-5/325-2500
Yield Kg/h 4000-600 6000-900 8000-1200
Shape dimension. 
(long x width x height)
m 11.9×2.7x5.8 14.5x3.8x6.3 14x9x10.25


High-efficiency, energy-saving: Same fineness and motor power, the capacity is one time higher than the airflow mill, stirring mill, ball mill.

Long lifespan of spare parts: grinding rollers and grinding ring adopt special forged materials. Same fineness of the material and finished product, the wear parts of the impact crusher and turbine grinder are 2-5 times longer than those of the mill, and usually can be up to more than one year, and the service life can reach 2-5 years when processing calcium carbonate and calcite.

High safety and reliability: because there is no rolling bearing in the cavity, no screws, so there is no problem for the bearing and its seals are vulnerable, which avoid that the screws are easy to loose and destroy the machine.

Product fineness: Three-ring medium-speed superfine grinding product, and fineness one-time can reach d97≤5μm.

environmental protection and cleaning: adopt pulse dust catcher to capture dust, adopt muffler to reduce noise, have environmental protection and clean characteristics.

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