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Adsorption and Elution Column

Adsorption and Elution Column

  • Number of adsorption columns(PCS) : 2-6
  • Installation method : Series connection
Product description
The adsorption column is a device that adsorbs gold from heap leach noble liquid with activated carbon as the medium. Activated carbon is a porous material with special adsorption properties. Gold mixed with chloride or cyanide is strongly adsorbed by activated carbon. Granular activated carbon is packed in an adsorption column. When the purified solution passes through the activated carbon, the purpose of adsorbing gold therefrom is achieved. The use of granular activated carbon to recover gold from a solution includes the following steps: carbon adsorption, carbon elution or desorption, carbon regeneration, and gold recovery from the desorption liquid by electrodeposition or displacement precipitation.
Working principle
Recovering gold from the heap leach noble solution, although the zinc replacement method or the ion exchange resin adsorption method can also be used, the activated carbon adsorption method is still simpler and more effective for larger heap leaching. The activated carbon adsorption of gold in expensive liquid usually uses multiple adsorption columns (or tanks) in series. When a certain volume of noble liquid is passed, the first adsorption column is saturated with gold, the second carbon adsorption column is changed to the first adsorption column, and the original first adsorption column is replaced with new carbon. Columns, and so on.


Technical Data

Technical parameter
Adsorption and Elution Column
Adsorbent Activated carbon
Number of adsorption columns(PCS) 2--6
Number of adsorption columns(m) 0.6
Height(m) 1.8
Carbon weight(kg) 30kg
Carbon ratio About one-third
Carbon particle size (mm) 0.991~3.327
Stainless steel screen(mm) 0.833
Installation method Series connection


Factors affecting the adsorption of gold
1.Ionic strength
The ionic strength of the solution has a great effect on the loading of carbon. The loading of carbon in the gold solution of deionized water is very low. The ionic strength of the gold solution plays an important role in the adsorption mechanism. The degree of adsorption of various gold cyanide complexes on activated carbon depends on their cations.
2, the impact of pH
Because both hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions are adsorbed by the carbon, the pH value affects the adsorption capacity of the carbon. As the pH value decreases, the equilibrium amount of gold loaded on the carbon increases.
3. The impact of granularity
The size of the activated carbon particles has a great influence on the adsorption rate. With the same mass of activated carbon, the smaller the particle size, the higher the adsorption rate of gold.

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