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Applicable crusher:
Fine Jaw Crusher、Hammer crusher

Main materials:
High chromium alloy, High manganese steel, etc.

Hammers is the most important part of hammer crusher. The quality, shape and material of the hammer determine the capacity of the hammer crusher.  The heavier the hammer, the higher the crushing efficiency.

The common materials of hammer are high chromium alloy and high manganese steel. High manganese steel hammers has good toughness, good workmanship and low price. Its main characteristic is that under the action of larger impact, the surface layer will produce work hardening rapidly, and its work hardening index is 5-7 times higher than other materials. So the wear resistance is greatly improved.
The high chromium compound hammer adopts the most advanced compound casting technology , which toughness and wear resistance, makes the product wear-resistant and non-fracture.

Performance features:
  1、Convenient replacement and low cost;
  2、Optimizing chemical composition, using rare earth modification, niobium vanadium and other precious elements to strengthen the matrix;
  3、Adopt vacuum casting, directional solidification technology, and eliminate casting defects;
  4、Compared with the similar products, it has the advantages of good comprehensive performance, high reliability, strong wear resistance, low price and so on.


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