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Which Sand Making Effect is Better with Ball Mill or Sand Making Machine?

Ball mill is also called ball mill sand machine, which is a kind of grinding equipment that can finely grind sand. Because it has sand making function, it is often compared with sand making machine by users. So which one is better for sand making? How to choose?
1. Ball mill
Ball mill is a kind of equipment commonly used in mineral processing. It can be divided into two types: ball mill and rod mill according to the different grinding media. Among them, the rod-type ball mill sand maker, sand stone rod mill is used for sand making, which uses steel rod media for grinding. The feed particle size is not more than 50 mm, the overall size of the discharge material is relatively uniform and generally between 0.833-0.147 mm with a high yield, which can meet the demand of sand for basic construction.

2. Sand making plant
Sand making machine crusher is a professional type of sand making production equipment. Common ones include the VSI sand making machine and the HVI sand making machine. This type of equipment adopts the crushing mode of stone-to-stone and stone-to-iron and makes full use of high speed to accelerate the material, and crush the material through fierce collision. The sand-making efficiency is particularly high, and the materials are subject to friction and collision from various angles with good grain shape, including coarse sand, medium sand, fine sand, and ultra-fine sand, which can fully meet the demands of high-standard construction sand.
Although the professional sand plant is better, its price is much more expensive than the ball mill. So how to choose from two kinds of sand-making equipment?
1. For large-scale sand production, with strict production and quality requirements, Nile machinery recommends the use of professional sand makers to ensure the quality of finished products and equipment.
2. For small manufacturers or small investors who are just starting out and who do not have high requirements on output, it is recommended to use a ball mill sand making unit.
The above is a brief introduction to the details of which sand making is better between ball mill and sand maker machine, and how to choose. If any users want to know more about equipment information or quotation, they can directly click the online service for free consultation. Nile Machinery will provide users with high-quality products, professional services and preferential quotations.

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