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How to improve the service life of the jaw plate

The operation of the jaw crusher is the crushing of the moving jaw and the fixed jaw. During the crushing process, the wear of the jaw is relatively large. Especially in the case of hard materials, the degree of crushing will become more serious. How to reduce the wear of the seesaw and increase the usage rate? Let’s take a look at the ways to reduce wear and tear with Dahua Heavy Industry.

1.the choice of sheet is the first factor to determine the service life
The slab should be made of a material with high hardness to resist the damage of the micro-cutting of the extrusion, and a material with sufficient toughness should be selected to resist the fatigue damage caused by the impact of the drilling. High manganese steel contains 12% manganese and 14% manganese and is commonly used to form rafts. The small crucible crusher can also be used to make the seesaw with white cast iron. At the same time, the structure of the tooth plate can be improved, and the relative sliding between the material and the tooth plate can be reduced. Since the lower jaw is usually formed in a vertically symmetrical shape, the lower worn lower jaw can be inverted during minor repairs.
2. the broken materials should be compatible with the whole machine
When the performance of each batch of materials fluctuates greatly, the main parameters of the crusher, such as clamping angle, eccentric shaft speed, output power, motor power, etc., are adjusted in time to adapt to the material requirements of the feed crusher and reduce the squat. The wear of the board.
3. the method of repairing the seesaw
For worn rafts, the profile can be repaired by surfacing. Arc welding or automatic submerged arc surfacing can be used for repair.
4. the moving jaws can be exchanged and used
Cement enterprises that use the mine crushing process line can replace the worn slabs such as coarse crushing of the mine and fine crushing of the cement plant, and continue to play a role in replacing the new raft.
5. the installation of the seesaw is to be fastened
The newly installed fascia should be fastened to ensure smooth contact between the fascia and the surface of the body (moving and static), and can be used as a plastic material such as lead plates, plywood, cement mortar between the two sides. The assembly requirements for the movable jaw and the static jaw are that the red peak of the jaw is aligned with the slot of the other jaw, ie the movable jaw and the fixed jaw are in a substantially engaged state.

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