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Gold Smelting Furnace

Gold Smelting Furnace

  • Working Voltage(V/HZ) : 380/50
  • Cooling Water Flow(L/Min-MPa) : 25/0.1
  • It is mainly used for smelting, casting and evaporation coating of metals such as gold, silver, copper, iron and aluminum.
High-frequency (supersonic) heating equipment adopts the principle of magnetic induction eddy current heating, uses electric current to generate magnetic field through coil, and when magnetic field line passes through metal material in magnetic field, makes boiler body heat at high speed on its own, and then heats material again. And in a short time reach the required temperature.

Working Principle
High-frequency and high-current flows into a heating coil (usually made of copper tube) that is wound into a ring or other shape, thereby generating a strong magnetic flux with a momentary change in the coil, and placing a heated object such as metal in the coil. The magnetic flux will penetrate the entire heated object. In the direction of the opposite direction of the heating current inside the heated object, a large eddy current will be generated. Due to the resistance of the heated object, a lot of heat will be generated. The temperature of the object itself rises rapidly, reaching the purpose of heating or smelting.
product model
Frequency selection: mainly depends on the capacity of the equipment furnace size; small capacity, the frequency is high; large capacity, the frequency is low.
Power selection: the power of the melting equipment depends on the crucible capacity and melting rate.

1. Cooling water connection
2. Connect the inlet pipe end of the rear part of the inlet piping equipment,Connect the outlet pipe to the end of the outlet pipe at the back of the equipment,Make sure the connection is good to prevent leakage.The intake pipe may be connected to a tap water tap or to a self-contained circulating water unit,The influent ensures a certain pressure and flow rate,In order to prevent the equipment damage caused by insufficient water pressure and water flow.Recommended hydraulic pressure is 0.05-0.2Mpa,The water flow rate was 2-5 L / min.There's a water pressure switch in the device,Effective protection of the machine,No water will automatically stop working and make a beeping sound.

Some suggestions on the installation and use of cooling water are given.
1. The cooling water source should guarantee the stable water supply, preferably use the pump circulation to be more reliable.
2. Cooling water should be clean and non-corrosive
3. Cooling water temperature should not be too high, should be lower than 40 degrees. (however, it is not appropriate to use cryogenic compression pump, resulting in condensation effect, resulting in water droplets, damage to the internal parts of the machine)
4. Check the unblocked cooling water before heating
Special reminder
Good water quality and water temperature is the key to prolong the life of the equipment.

Equipment power connection
Use more than 6 square millimeters of soft copper wire to connect the power according to the figure. Please strictly comply with the requirements of the equipment specification for the power and voltage requirements of the power supply. Exceeding the range may cause damage to the equipment. Attention, please. Due to the high power of the equipment, the connection should be securely connected, and the contact resistance at the electrical connection should be minimized as far as possible, so as to avoid the serious voltage drop when working and affect the normal work of the machine. In particular, users should avoid simply hanging the power supply on the power grid.

Ensure ground connection:Ground the equipment with about 6 square millimeters of wire to prevent electric shock.

Install induction rings:
Induction coil not only through water, but also through a large induction current, directly affect the normal operation of the machine.Please install carefully. Do not use waterproof raw material belt when installing, so as not to damage the machine if electrical connection is not good.

Connect the remote control box
Operation step

1. Ensure that all required installations are completed
2. Turn on cooling water
3. Close the external power switch, close the air switch behind the device, and close the panel power switch.
4. Adjust the shape of the induction coil to suit the heating requirements of the workpiece.
5. Adjust the heating current adjusting knob to the desired position.(used at 80% of maximum current)
Press the start button or foot switch to start heating, when the work light flashes and the output current display shows the heating current
6. Press the stop button to stop heating
7. When shutting down, turn off the power switch of the panel first. Turn off the external main switch, and then turn off the water. The air switch of the equipment is mainly designed for current limiting protection equipment. In order to prolong its service life, it should be moved as little as possible. Therefore, it is suggested that the special gate knife switch of the equipment should be installed on the switchboard for the purpose of controlling the power supply.

In order to ensure that you maximize the use of equipment, and reduce equipment failure. Please note the following:
1. ture is too high, it will affect the life of the equipment.
2. The device is cooled by water. In order to ensure its normal operation, the user should ensure the cooling effect of water cooling, that is, "certain water flow and water temperature should not be too high (higher than 20 ℃ and lower than 40 ℃) and ensure smooth ventilation of the fan."

Functional interpretation
1.  Power supply: turn on the control switch. This light is on to indicate the power is on.
2.  Working: when heated, the light flashes and the buzzer beeps. 
3.  Overvoltage: when the input voltage of the equipment is too high, the equipment automatically stops heating,the overvoltage indicator light is on, and the continuous buzzing sound is emitted. 
4.  Water temperature: the main internal parts of the induction coil are cooled by water, if the water flow rate is too small or the cooling water temperature is too high, or if the internal pipe blockage caused by the use of the machine for too long causes the water cooling effect to become poor.
At this point, he equipment automatically stops working, indicator lights and issued a continuous buzzing sound. 
5. Overcurrent: this light may occur under the following conditions: 
(1)Interferential signal. 
(2) the internal temperature is too high. 
(3)Equipment failure. 
(4)Short circuit of induction coil caused by contact between workpiece and induction coil. 
(5)Contact between the two circles of the induction ring. 
(6) the network voltage is too low or the load capacity of the power grid is too poor. 
Turn off the power supply and then turn it on to eliminate the alarm and then reheat. Several situations are as follows:. 
(a):Everything works normally-the workpiece and the induction coil cause a short circuit to form an arc or electric spark. 
(b):overcurrent alarm under high current, can work under low current-induction coil gap may be too small,or grid voltage is too low or load capacity is too poor, or machine internal failure.  
(c):The alarm has always been inoperable-contact between the two circles of the induction ring or internal problems of the machine.
6:Heating (working): in the "automatic" or "manual" working state, this light indicates that the heating process is under way. 
7: lack of phase: this light indicates that three-phase power supply is short of phase. 
(1).Activate button; press this button to start heating. 
(2).Stop button: press this button to stop heating. 
Heating power adjusting knob: 
Adjust the magnitude of the output oscillating current or output power, thereby regulating the heating speed. 
Output current shows: 
Show the magnitude of the output oscillating current during heating and heat preservation. 
Remote socket: 
Connect the remote control switch box and replace the activation and stop buttons on the panel with the buttons on the remote control box. 

Technical Data

Model             NLW-16 NLW-30 NLW-50 NLW-60 NLW-80
Working Voltage(V/HZ) 220/50 380/50 380/50 380/50 380/50
Input Current(A) 35 52 85 100 135
Input Power(KW) 16 30 50 60 80
Oscillation Frequency(KHZ) 28-40 25-35 22-28 22-28 20-28
Effectiveness(%) 90 95 95 95 95
Cooling Water Flow(L/Min-MPa) 20/0.05 25/0.1 32/0.1 Main Engine:28/0.15
Auxiliary Engin:30/0.15
Main Engine:30/0.15
Auxiliary Engin:40/0.15
Weight(Kg) 25 60 110 Main Engine:65
Auxiliary Engin:85
Main Engine:105
Auxiliary Engin:116
225*450*480 265*600*540 550*650*1260 Main Engine:550*650*1100
Auxiliary Engin:700*450*460
Main Engine:600*480*1360
Auxiliary Engin:500*800*580



    Fast Heating

    The fastest heating speed is less than 1 second (adjustable speed control).


    Use Widely

    It can be used for gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum and other metals smelting.


    Easy installation

    Connect the power supply, induction coil and inlet and outlet pipes for use.


    Simple operation

    The operator is easy to handle and can be manipulated skillfully in a short period of time.


    Fast Start

    The heating can be started after the water is switched on and the electricity is turned on.


    Energy Saving

    Low power consumption, reduce the cost of use.


    Safe and reliable

    Adopt the design of hydroelectricity separation, set up alarm indication and automatic control and protection of over pressure, over current, overheat, water shortage, etc.


    Small area

    Small volume, light weight, save workshop space


    Green environmental protection

    Low noise, no exhaust dust emission.

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