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The Nile machinery Tailings treatment

The requirements of industrialization and urbanization have led to the continuous exploitation of mineral resources. The huge consumption of resources has increased environmental pressure. At the same time, in the case of tight application of global mineral resources, it has also brought high cost of use to enterprises. At this time, the tailings can be recycled in a secondary mode, bringing a glimmer of life to the mining economy. Turning a large amount of tailings into waste, which can alleviate the pressure of resource use, can also implement the policy of a harmonious green environment. Therefore, the recycling of tailings is a good thing for the benefit of the country and the people.

Under this background, The Nile Machinery is committed to the development of a friendly and economical mining recycling economy, absorbing the advanced crushing process in Germany, and combining with the actual situation in China, developed a set of sand production line equipment for tailings recovery. The sand production line has a wide range of applications, effectively reducing the loss of tailings and meeting environmental protection requirements. Yifan Machinery customizes production lines of different production according to customer needs. The main machines required in the production line are jaw crusher, cone crusher, vertical impact crusher and counter crusher. According to the operation of the market, the company joined the Xiangyang Mining Machinery Factory and added grinding equipment to the production line.
The sand production line developed for the tailings recycling and utilization can effectively solve the quality problem of the sand material, and adjust the operation and output of the sand making equipment according to the use of the finished material. Compared with some traditional extensive treatment methods such as tailings landfill, the tailings are sanded to achieve the purpose of recycling and reuse. It is a relatively economical green and peaceful mining economy. At present, the sand production line deployed by The Nile Machinery has been put into production in more than 100 domestic and foreign regions, which provides an effective guarantee for the healthy development of the national mining industry.

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